Kinugawa Courchevel

Introduction to Kinugawa Courchevel

History and Concept

Kinugawa, a name synonymous with the zenith of Japanese gastronomy in Paris, has ventured into the Alpine landscape with its establishment in Courchevel 1850. The concept of Kinugawa Courchevel is a fusion of Parisian elegance and Alpine charm, encapsulating a unique dining experience. Renowned for its sophisticated atmosphere and culinary excellence, the restaurant has become a distinguished destination for food connoisseurs.

The decor of Kinugawa Courchevel mirrors the chic and upscale vibe of its Parisian counterpart. Blending dark wood walls with sumptuous red velvet banquettes, the interior design creates an ambiance that is at once intimate and lavish. Guests are invited to indulge in a menu that perfectly marries iconic Kinugawa dishes with innovative creations, inspired by local Alpine ingredients.

Location and Atmosphere

Nestled at the apex of French gastronomy and luxury, Kinugawa Courchevel enjoys a prime location in the heart of Courchevel 1850, a prestigious ski resort known for its affluent visitors and opulent surroundings. The setting of the restaurant is tailored to capture the spirit of Courchevel, offering a retreat where guests can unwind after a day on the slopes.

The atmosphere of Kinugawa Courchevel is geared towards creating memorable evenings and dinners that reflect the high-spirited ambiance of Courchevel itself. As night falls, the venue transforms into a lively hub where the energy is as enticing as the cuisine. It's a place where each meal feels like a celebration, and the surroundings enhance the overall gastronomic journey.

Features and Recognitions

Kinugawa Courchevel stands out not only for its exceptional location but also for its culinary prestige. The restaurant offers a variety of gastronomic dishes that have made Kinugawa a household name. The chefs at Kinugawa Courchevel are masters at integrating local flavors and ingredients into new creations, thereby elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Recognition for Kinugawa Courchevel comes from both local and international guests who appreciate the seamless blend of Japanese culinary artistry and Alpine influences. The restaurant's reputation extends beyond its food, with the bar serving signature Kinugawa cocktails, which are as innovative as they are delicious.

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The Menu of Kinugawa Courchevel

Culinary Specialties

At Kinugawa Courchevel, the menu is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to excellence. Patrons can savor iconic dishes from the original Kinugawa menu, each prepared with precision and flair. These culinary specialties are complemented by new creations that reflect the alpine environment, incorporating local dishes and ingredients to offer a unique twist to the traditional Japanese fare.

The chefs' expertise is evident in each dish, where the balance of flavors and textures creates a harmonious dining experience. Whether it's expertly sliced sashimi or a hearty, locally-inspired stew, guests are treated to a culinary journey that is both diverse and rooted in quality.

Gastronomic Experiences

The gastronomic experiences at Kinugawa Courchevel go beyond the mere act of dining. They are immersive encounters that engage all senses. The presentation of each dish is a work of art, designed to captivate and delight guests before the first bite is even taken. The menu is curated to offer a variety of tastes, from the delicate to the robust, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every palate.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, the chefs at Kinugawa Courchevel are always exploring new ways to enhance the dining experience. This commitment to creativity ensures that the restaurant remains at the forefront of the culinary scene in Courchevel.

Beverages and Pairings

The beverage selection at Kinugawa Courchevel is as meticulously crafted as its culinary offerings. The bar serves Kinugawa's signature cocktails, each a perfect blend of flavors that complements the restaurant's dishes. The mixologists are skilled in creating drinks that are both refreshing and complex, adding another layer to the dining experience.

Understanding the importance of pairing, the restaurant offers a selection of beverages that harmonize with the menu's diverse flavors. Whether it's a crisp white wine to accompany a delicate fish dish or a robust red to pair with a flavorful meat course, Kinugawa Courchevel ensures that each sip enhances the meal.

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  • AlpineGourmetLover
  • I was absolutely delighted with the blend of Parisian elegance and Alpine charm at this place. The dark wood and red velvet gave it such a cozy yet luxurious feel. The dishes were a perfect fusion of Kinugawa classics and local flavors. Definitely a highlight of my Courchevel trip!
  • 4.8/5
  • SkiBunnyFoodie
  • After a day on the slopes, this was the perfect spot to unwind. The cocktails were as impressive as the food, and the atmosphere really captured the spirit of Courchevel evenings. A must-visit for anyone looking for a top-notch dining experience!
  • 5/5
  • VelvetSlopes
  • The red velvet banquettes were so inviting, and they matched the warmth of the service. The menu had a great selection of Kinugawa's iconic dishes with a delightful Alpine twist. Loved the new creations using local ingredients!
  • 4.5/5
  • GastronomeSkier
  • What a gem in the heart of Courchevel 1850! The decor set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. While the food was mostly excellent, I found a couple of the new creations a bit less to my taste. Still, the overall experience was fantastic.
  • 4.2/5
  • CourchevelConnoisseur
  • The ambiance here is just what you'd hope for in a high-end mountain resort. The Kinugawa influence is evident in the quality of the dishes and the creativity of the cocktails. It's a great place to enjoy an evening with friends or a romantic dinner. Highly recommend!
  • 4.7/5

Practical Information

Reservation and Schedules

Given the popularity of Kinugawa Courchevel, making a reservation is highly recommended. The restaurant's schedule accommodates both lunch and dinner services, allowing guests to enjoy its offerings at a time that suits their itinerary. It's important to note the specific opening hours and days, as these can vary depending on the season.

To secure a table at this sought-after destination, potential visitors are advised to book well in advance. This preparation ensures that guests can anticipate their dining experience without the inconvenience of potential wait times.

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Contact and Access

Contacting Kinugawa Courchevel is straightforward, with various options available to suit guests' preferences. Whether it's through a phone call or an email inquiry, the staff are ready to assist with reservations, answer questions, and provide any necessary information to make the visit seamless.

Access to the restaurant is convenient for those staying in Courchevel 1850, with its central location ensuring that it is easily reachable by foot, ski, or local transport. For those coming from further afield, there are clear directions and assistance available to facilitate their arrival.

Recommendations and Advice

For those planning to visit Kinugawa Courchevel, it is advisable to explore the full range of the menu to truly appreciate the culinary artistry on offer. Guests should also consider timing their visit to coincide with one of the restaurant's special events or themed evenings, which provide an enhanced dining experience.

Attire at Kinugawa Courchevel tends to be smart-casual, reflecting the sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere of the establishment. Lastly, guests with dietary restrictions are encouraged to communicate their needs in advance, allowing the kitchen to accommodate them appropriately.


  • What is the style of the restaurant's decor?
  • The restaurant features dark wood walls and red velvet banquettes, blending Parisian elegance with Alpine aesthetics.
  • What type of cuisine does the restaurant offer?
  • It offers iconic gastronomic dishes from Kinugawa, along with new creations that incorporate local dishes and ingredients.
  • Is there a bar available at the restaurant?
  • Yes, there is a bar serving Kinugawa's signature cocktails.
  • What is the atmosphere of the restaurant like?
  • The atmosphere is suited for evenings and dinners, capturing the spirit of Courchevel.
  • Where is the restaurant located?
  • It is located in the heart of Courchevel 1850.

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